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All The Cool Kids Market started off as a good thing, a place  to build up the vendor community.  Someplace to share experience, help the community as a whole grow and flourish.

The idea was great, the execution…not so much.  Due to a lot of internal issues, I walked away from the Cool Kids entirely in April 2017.  I sent a mass email to anyone on our list, but wanted to make clear that this is no longer something I am involved with.

After I removed myself from the equation, several vendors have asked me what is going on.  Those are answers I do not have.  What I do know is that 2 shows were cancelled the day of the event, and the show scheduled for June 17 at Crossroads in Garwood was cancelled by the venue.

Again, while I do not know particulars or the day to day, as a vendor and business person I will leave you with these words of advice…

If you are questioning an event, call the venue and confirm.  Any venue worth doing a show at will be all over promotion.

If you can’t find any promotion or mention of the event other than fellow vendors, there probably isn’t any.  If you have to look that hard, whoever is promoting isn’t doing their job well.  In the same vain, you have to self-promote…it is not just the event coordinators job.  Go with the “it takes a village” mentality and the event grows.

Make friends and communicate with other vendors.  There are some people that just like to complain about everything, but 90% of the vendors I have ever dealt with are genuine people that just want to have a successful and profitable experience.

If you aren’t getting a response from an event coordinator (within a reasonable time), that’s a red flag.  Someone that always places the blame elsewhere or has excuses, also a red flag. Any good event I’ve ever done, I’ve gotten a response within a couple hours from SOMEONE inside the event.  I will use Trenton PRFM, Flemington PRFM, Strange Xchange, NJ Horror Con, and JC Oddities as key examples.  Not one of these coordinators has ever made me wait for an answer or kept everyone in the loop with updates on a regular basis from  the day invites went out through load in coordination.

Not every show can be successful every time, there are so many variables.  But if you keep doing the same thing with the same results, it’s time to move on.

Please forward all event inquiries to Paige (


Until we meet again….I wish every single one of you success and profit.   Fly high My Pretties and cackle on!